Grand Opening Race Announcement and More Info

We’ve been working very hard on the facility and think everyone will be thrilled. Starting with the track, we’ve put in an entirely new layout featuring exciting jumps as well as high speed sections. The surface is smooth and gives great traction without sacrificing tire wear. We wanted to create a track layout and surface that is both fun and challenging while not causing racers to break the bank on their tire bill, allowing them to enjoy racing on a regular basis. Beyond the track, the entire facility has been cleaned, painted, and altered to give the maximum racing experience, from flat pit tables to a tire wash bin, we’ve tried to make the facility the very best. We have also added a stocked race store, featuring a large amount of racing products including kits, electronics, spare parts, and tires, all at a reasonable price. We aim to provide the full racing experience, on and off the track.

Weekly we will be open for 1/10 electric practice on Sunday, Thursday, and Friday. We will be racing 1/10 electric on Wednesday and Saturday of each week. Every one to two months we will have an entire week of 1/8 practice and racing, featuring both nitro and electric.

Grand Opening Race

On Saturday, February 28th, we will be holding our grand opening race. This will be open to everyone and feature 1/10 electric racing. We hope everyone is able to come out and enjoy our new track and get a glimpse of what the future of racing at Beachline Raceway will hold. We think everyone will be impressed with the new facility and will enjoy the entire experience.


Beachline Raceway is set to become the largest indoor track in the state of Florida. Superior Hobbies has taken over and is in the process of revamping the track and facility previously known as Space Coast R/C located in Cocoa, Florida. We hope to take the track to the next level in all aspects. From a track that everyone wants to race on to a top notch facility including a stocked hobby shop and fantastic pits.

The track has history as the staple of the off road racing scene in Florida, hosting some of the biggest races in the state as well as the 2014 1/10 ROAR 1/10 Electric Off-road Nationals. We hope to bring many more races and draw in racers of all levels.

Keep an eye out for the grand opening race which will be scheduled for early February. The track will be primed with a great multi dimensional layout and the facility will be ready to impress.